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Food and Phone Calls

Imagine this scenario: Your fork is in your hand, moving up toward your mouth.As you open your mouth, and close it around the fork that contains the next piece of food you are going to eat, THE PHONE RINGS. I don’t know if this happens to other people, but it always happens to me. I mean seriously. Almost whenever I’m eating food (even without fancy forks) the phone inevitably rings. Sometimes, I wonder if people have a special Alyssa-meter that tells them when I’m eating so they can purposely call when I’ve just taken a bite of food.

The worst part isn’t the phone call. I’ll gladly talk to anyone that interrupts my terribly dull life. No, the worst part is what to do with the food. I mean, it’s already IN your mouth.You can’t spit it out without looking like a freak, and depending on what it is, you can’t swallow it easily (chips, a large meatball, one of those jawbreakers, etc.) . So, what do you do? Can you push it over to the side of your mouth? Do you just wait for the phone to go to voicemail? But what if you’re at work and answering the phone is your job?

Well, this happened to me today. I had inevitably just put a lifesaver in my mouth, because i had this crazy craving for something sweet. Then, three sucks in, the phone rings. *ring ring…. ring ring*. In my head i’m going “Oh crap,I can’t spit this back out, but i don’t want it on my desk, and I would sound weird talking with it in my mouth *Silent Scream*” In the end, I just ended up spitting the stupid thing in the trash. All of this happened in a grand total of maybe five seconds. Oh yeah, life is crazy.

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