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Hi, my name is Alyssa, i’m white, and I can’t dance.

Hi, my name is Alyssa, i’m white, and I can’t dance.

Well, actually i should clarify that statement. I can dance as long as it doesn’t involve some crazy feet moving concept. Like for instance, I can do ballroom dancing. Nice, fluid motions.

However, if you want me to do any sort of dance where the feet move at a faster pace. WATCH OUT. Wednesday night, I went dancing at this place called InCahoots in Fullerton. It’s a country bar but they also play some other music and people do awesome looking line dances to them. Anyway, I went with a group of  friends, and we decide to wait until they have an instruction on how to do the dances, since none of us really know how to line dance. I start following the dance instructor, and i get to the second combination of steps. It went something like right, behind, cross, heel, left, behind, heel cross.  Basically it involved a significant amount of steps in a short period of time. And that was when they were going slow.  When they sped the moves up and added music i thought my legs were going to fall off. Not only that, i was missing steps so much that i was bumping into everyone around me. I’m pretty sure i took out a few people in the course of the night.

And don’t even get me started on Dance Dance Revolution.I love that game, but the most i can do is standard on some songs. I usually stay in light. But then i watch those people who hold DDR champion titles and you watch their feet move 50 miles an hour. My jaw just drops and stays there.


Wind: Crazy people maker

In the approximate 10 hours that I’ve been awake today, I’ve dealt with more crazy people than I could count on ten fingers. And not just bad crazy, there’s good crazy, weird crazy, and just plain crazy. At work, it seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong, but somehow it seemed hilarious. My fellow workers and I started laughing at the stupidest things, and the kids seemed to be in a different spatial dimension today.

Oh, and when i was driving, I swear I saw someone brushing their teeth. Yes, brushing their teeth. In the car. While driving. CRAZY. Even if people weren’t brushing their teeth in the car (really, who does that?) I swear, every car out there was planning an attack to have me not get off the freeway. Every time I wanted to merge, someone would go out from behind me, and merge first and the speed up so I couldn’t go. >_<

My point: The wind makes people crazy. So be careful!

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