The perfect pair of boots

Girls, do you ever have that feeling when you try on a pair of shoes, that you’ve found the PERFECT pair. The ones that make you feel like a million and a half bucks, and make you want to go out to a fancy place just to wear them? Well, i found two pairs of those boots yesterday! I was down in San Diego, and I went to this place called Sheikh Shoes. I walked in and found this gorgeous pair of flat boots. Since I can’t walk in heels like a reject. Anyway, so I try them on and of course they don’t have my size. So I went to the store closer by me on my way back, and they had one pair and I ordered the other. Best part was that they were bogo 50% off. So I saved money too!

Anyway, San Diego was super relaxing and luxurious. I went down with my mom to do some shopping, and i got some great deals! (Including the shoes). Such a nice way to finish off my stressful school semester.



Wind: Crazy people maker

In the approximate 10 hours that I’ve been awake today, I’ve dealt with more crazy people than I could count on ten fingers. And not just bad crazy, there’s good crazy, weird crazy, and just plain crazy. At work, it seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong, but somehow it seemed hilarious. My fellow workers and I started laughing at the stupidest things, and the kids seemed to be in a different spatial dimension today.

Oh, and when i was driving, I swear I saw someone brushing their teeth. Yes, brushing their teeth. In the car. While driving. CRAZY. Even if people weren’t brushing their teeth in the car (really, who does that?) I swear, every car out there was planning an attack to have me not get off the freeway. Every time I wanted to merge, someone would go out from behind me, and merge first and the speed up so I couldn’t go. >_<

My point: The wind makes people crazy. So be careful!

I think a tornado hit my room

Since finals are over (PRAISE THE LORD), i took a good look at my room and shuddered. Piles of clothes lay on the floor, and my desk has a three foot tall stack of papers. Oh and did I mention the three plastic bags full of trash? Pretty much, my entire existence from the past month has been spent in my room, and it needed to be cleaned.

So, i went on a cleaning rampage. First I organized my desk, because I couldn’t even see my desk underneath all the papers. Then i picked up all my clothes off the floor, so I could actually walk on it instead of playing hopscotch with my clothes. Also, I made history by doing an actual load of laundry for the first time in three weeks (I had too, i didn’t have any clean clothes left >_< ). After a whomping 2 hours, my bedroom is finally clean! Huzzah!


63 degrees in the middle of winter

So, for those of you who don’t know, California, at least Southern California, really doesn’t get the whole four seasons. We get two, maybe three. We have spring summer and fall, no winter. Which is nice, because you don’t have the below 0 temperatures that freeze you solid every time you go outside. And i never had to shovel snow as a kid, which my mom tells me i should be thankful for. And you know, i never had to trek a mile through the super deep snow to get to school. But i miss not having a winter too. I’ve never seen snow actually fall from the sky, and that’s something that I’ve always wanted to see. Also, I miss out on building snowmen, making ice forts, sledding down hills, and having snowball fights. Sometimes, I wish I could live in a climate controlled bubble where I control the weather, and i can make it snow, or make it 90 degrees with waves splashing at my feet. Oh, the ideas.

Wintertime this year in Southern California has consisted of mostly 70 degree weather with a sprinkling of hotter days and colder days. We had two days of rain this week. TWO. Actually, i think it was more like one and a half. Anyway, I didn’t even have to break out my heavy jacket until this week. Before then I was just in a sweatshirt. Right now, the sky outside is blue with a few clouds. It really is gorgeous though :D. Maybe if this weekend is warmer I’ll hit up the beach. Not to go in the water, just to sit and stare at the waves. Maybe i’ll write a post there!


Secret Santas, White Elephants and Holiday Parties!

Tomorrow is my first work holiday party where I’m actually doing an organized activity. I’ve never been in a work environment that celebrated holiday’s like this before, so I’m super excited! For those of you who haven’t read my about me (hint, go do it now) I work at an elementary school in Orange, CA.  All the lunch supervisors (I’m also a lunch sup.) decided to do a Secret Santa exchange this year. Yay! My person is receiving a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory!

Other than that, that is pretty much the only holiday party I’m going to this year (depressing I know). I might have one with my friends to exchange gifts, but that’s pretty much it.

Final update: 2 down, and 2 to go! Pushing through till thursday!

Half Birthday Celebrations

As I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot cocoa between typing this blog post, I realized that today is my half birthday. If you don’t know what a half birthday is, it’s 6 months between your two birthdays(last years and next years). So, if your birthday is June 12th like mine, then your half birthday is December 12th, like mine.

When I was growing up my mom made this BIG DEAL about my half birthday. Most people are just like “Hey its my half birthday, cool,” but not my mother. My mom always bought me cupcakes, and they matched how old I was. So if I was 6, she would give me 6 1/2 cupcakes. Seriously, not joking. When I was 12 1/2 she didn’t want to buy me 2 dozen cupcakes, so she made me brownies, but she would always have that 1/2 brownie stuck in there.  Also, she would always give me a present, and we would go out to dinner as a family and my mom would ask them to sing “Happy Half Birthday” to me. Let me tell you, SO EMBARASSING.

So anyway, today is my 21st and 1/2 birthday. How exciting! I only have half a more year of being 21, which is sort of depressing, because you don’t get to celebrate at bars in quite the same way. 😛 If you have any awesome embarassing stories of over zealous moms… post them below!

Finals time!

Being in school has its major disadvantages and that is when everyone else is prepping for the holidays and getting in the christmas spirit, I am studying for finals. I only have two more to complete (already finished two) so I’m slightly less stressed out than i normally am at this point every semester, but nonetheless I just wish I could be at the end of this week already. Side note, this is my last year of college. Then its off to Grad School!

Also I’ve been pretty much missing out on all the fun weekend stuff my friends who aren’t in college are doing. Like this past weekend I missed out on two concerts because I was studying, and had food poisoning. I choose to blame it all on school though. 😛 I just keep telling myself “one more week, two more finals” and repeat.

Enough negativity, what are your plans for the holidays?

First Post

You know what I hate? First posts. It’s always so awkward, or at least for me it is, to say you’re starting a blog. My past first blog’s in the past went something like this: “Hey everyone, I’m starting a new blog, so I hope you’ll read it,” or “Hey guys, hope you like this new blog i’m starting up, leave me a comment professing your deep and undying gratitude for my awesome writing.” Okay, maybe not so much the last one, but you get the idea. I don’t like them. So I’m not going to try and bore you with facts about me (If you really want to you can read up on me on the About Me Page), or ask you to post comments of undying gratitude for me (that would be nice though). Rather, I am just going to say  treasure each moment you get, because you’ll never have another one exactly like it.  And that is what this blog will be about. Treasuring the little things in life, and about finding new ways to live, laugh, and love.

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