About Me

If you just happened to find this blog, and don’t know me personally, you may be wondering who the super-awesome person behind this rad blog is. Well, my name is Alyssa for starters. I was born and raised in Orange County, and really never plan on leaving mind you.  The best way to describe myself is that I’m pretty much a walking contradiction. Nothing about me really makes sense, but I love it, and I love being me.

I like to think of myself as a bunch of puzzle pieces from different puzzles that just happen to fit and go together. My style is country/ vintage/ girly/ modern/ sleek/ whatever happens to look good on me at the time. I love both cuddling up by the fire sipping hot cocoa when its freezing and raining outside, and also frolicking in the waves when its 110 degrees.

Why I named my blog what I did:

Life: This blog is about life. My life mostly, but life nonetheless. In the blog are life topics. I don’t really know how else to explain life to you.

Laughs: I love to laugh. If I can’t make you laugh in five minutes, there is something seriously wrong with you. Just fyi. So this blog will be full of laughs. I’m not saying EVERY blog will make you shoot the milk you are drinking out of your nose, but you get the picture, it will be funny

Love: Love is a difficult one for me. I’m single, and I’m currently seeking out a relationship. I hope to provide some insight on what I’m going through and maybe if i fall in love i’ll tell you all about it!

Everything in-between: This is for all the random stuff that doesn’t fall into the above three categories. I’ve recently gone pinterest crazy, and if you don’t know what that is, go here and check it out. It will change your life. So anyway, I’ve recently gone pinterest crazy and have been making some of the crafts and food recipes off of the site. So I may post them here. Also, I may just decide to write a song, or poetry, or post a video of me doing a crazy dance in my bedroom. So that would fall under this category too.

Hope I haven’t bored you too much, and if you like what you read, leave a comment. If you didn’t like what you read, leave a comment too. Thanks!

  1. amandarocksyoursocks

    I like what you’ve created here! 🙂

  2. Great name and I look forward to reading more. BTW … I’m old, but I still love to surf!

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