Half Birthday Celebrations

As I’m sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot cocoa between typing this blog post, I realized that today is my half birthday. If you don’t know what a half birthday is, it’s 6 months between your two birthdays(last years and next years). So, if your birthday is June 12th like mine, then your half birthday is December 12th, like mine.

When I was growing up my mom made this BIG DEAL about my half birthday. Most people are just like “Hey its my half birthday, cool,” but not my mother. My mom always bought me cupcakes, and they matched how old I was. So if I was 6, she would give me 6 1/2 cupcakes. Seriously, not joking. When I was 12 1/2 she didn’t want to buy me 2 dozen cupcakes, so she made me brownies, but she would always have that 1/2 brownie stuck in there.  Also, she would always give me a present, and we would go out to dinner as a family and my mom would ask them to sing “Happy Half Birthday” to me. Let me tell you, SO EMBARASSING.

So anyway, today is my 21st and 1/2 birthday. How exciting! I only have half a more year of being 21, which is sort of depressing, because you don’t get to celebrate at bars in quite the same way. 😛 If you have any awesome embarassing stories of over zealous moms… post them below!


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